LEGION RUN – We are Legion



LEGION RUN – We are Legion
March 4, 2017
Greenfield City, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Kit claiming will happen on the event day itself starting at 6:00 am.

Race will begin rolling at 8 am in 20 minute wave increments with a maximum of 175 participants per wave.

Legion Run is a 5K course race with numerous obstacles (20+) all throughout in varying difficulties. Some of them involves team effort or cooperation from other participants thereby encouraging social interaction more than competition. Non-participants and supporters like family and friends can likewise join in the fun by cheering by the sidelines all throughout the race course.

Beers will flow and DJs will fill the air with lilting beats to fill the air with more excitement and fun.



Online – November 15 – February 24, 2017 at http://www.philippines.legionrun.com

Prepaid Card – Available from December 16 – February 24, 2017 at the following registration partners:

  • Gold’s Gym
  • Munoz Waltermart
  • Katipunan
  • Galleria
  • BGC
  • Glorietta 4

Special Note:   Registration confirmation email will be sent immediately.  Kindly check your inbox for this as this sometimes goes into the spam folder. This comes with a waiver and ticket that needs to be printed, signed (the waiver) and presented during the race day claiming together with a valid government issued ID.


Registration Price
Early Bird Rate – P1,500 from November 15 – December 15 online at http://www.philippines.legionrun.com

Regular Rate – P2,000 from December 15 – February 24, 2017 both online and prepaid card registration.

Event Day Rate – P2,500

Inclusion – Race Shirt, Finisher Medal and a beer upon reaching the finish line.

Follow Legion Run on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates:

Email them at: philippines@legionrun.com for further queries.

Here are some snaps of the recent media launch of Legion Run at Splice Resto Bar, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.





It’d be great if you came along with your own group, but for as long as you are willing to help yourself and others, you can participate!

If you don’t have a team though, do not hesitate to buy an individual ticket. You will find that you will not be bored at the event, not even for a minute, even if you wanted to! The obstacles are designed in such a way that each and every participant will be a part of one massive team with one goal.

You will run side-by-side with hundreds of other participants and will most definitely make some spontaneous friendships along the course (yes, just one of the Legion Run course side effects!)

Share your strengths and do not leave anyone behind!


All you need to do is pay for the first ticket. During the signup process you will be asked to set up the team name, generate a secret code and voila! Your team has just been created.
People you invite to the team may then join whenever they want by entering the secret team Code.

Upon registration everyone pays for their own ticket individually but benefit from the team

• How to join my team?
Just fill in the registration form, add your team name and the secret team code in the appropriate fields. It’s as simple as that!

• How many people can be on a team?
It’s entirely up to you!

However to benefit from the team discount, a minimum number of 25 team members apply.


Some follow strict diets and workout routines. Others eat 2 minute noodles and regularly
participate in drinking sessions.

Either training plan is fine by us.

What we do require is for you to train yourself to be aware when another person needs your help.

We will soon announce a Team of Fitness Trainer with their contact details.



Though we have numerous water obstacles, none of them require basic swimming skills. All you need is the courage to start and go through with it.


Our participants may act like grown-up children most of the time, but they all are over 18.
There will be activities for spectators though so children and non-registered adults may enjoy what our partners have to offer outside the course.

We will be allowing 16-18 year old teenagers to participate with their registered guardians
(family or relatives)


You will receive a confirmation email immediately after registration online. This will include your ticket as well as a waiver form. Please print it, read the attached waiver carefully and then sign it.

Additionally, in the week before the event, we will send you two more emails with useful info such as recommendations, list of must-haves and directions on how to reach us.


Please check your spam folder first. If you still can’t find the confirmation mail, notify us at philippines@legionrun.com and we’ll fix things up for you.


Yes. Changes are possible up to two weeks before the event date. Change fees may apply.


Refunds will only be done in cases where legion run itself cancels the event.
Under no other circumstances will a refund be allowed.


When should I arrive?

We recommend you arrive an hour before the wave you want to participate in starts. the waves will be every 20 minutes with 175 people in each wave. GUN STARTS at 8:00AM. Kit Claiming and Check in is open starting 6AM.

Allow yourself enough time to park, register, warm up.

Take in the setup of the event grounds and familiarize yourself with it.

This will be a good chance for you to check out the activities with your group as well as shop, eat and get to know the other people joining the fun!

Keep in mind that, if you come late, you may not be able to join your team’s wave and will have to run in the next available wave.

What do I need to bring in order to check in?

Bring a valid government ID (ID card, passport or driving license) plus your printed and signed Ticket.

What should I wear?

Anything you feel comfortable wearing while running, jumping, climbing and crawling through mud is fine.

• Half-finger training (grip) gloves
• Long tights / compression pants
• Knee high socks
• Sports shoes

During the run, do NOT wear anything that you would not want it to be covered with mud all over.

Don’t think so much about looking cool, be practical and wear clothes you won’t be worried
about. But if you won’t be worried about wearing a costume, your pyjamas or your favorite dress then by all means go for it for as long as you can do the course in it! It is meant to be fun after all!

How long does it take to run the course?

Finish time depends on you and your team, on whether you are competitive by nature or you are doing the course just for the fun of it.

The average finish time is an hour and a half.

Am I allowed to skip obstacles?

Of course! Remember?! This is not a competition, so there are no penalties for bypassing.

In fact, we actively encourage you to skip obstacles if you are even the slightest bit unsure. Feel free to just take photographs, videos or cheer people on if you choose to bypass.

The idea is to challenge one’s self and have fun, not to be terrified and get injured to the point of not having fun anymore!

Will there be food and drinks on site?

Along the course there will be several stations with free water and sports drink for all the

There will also be food and drink vendors on site offering something for everyone, so please don’t bring food and drinks with you.

Will there be medical help?

Yes. Several first aid teams will be positioned along the course, ready to assist immediately if medical help is needed.

Medical city south Luzon is also 500 meters away from the event premises.
Will there be any after-party?

Why after?! The whole event itself is a priceless party – there will be food, drinks, music and some happy muddy creatures wandering around.


The location map and GPS coordinates are listed on your event page.

Additionally, in the week before the event we will email you the directions to the site. In the
meantime, keep an eye on the Facebook page of your event for more news and updates.
Do you offer transport to the event location?

We don’t. However feel free to use the Facebook page of the event to search for or post ride sharing announcements.

But who knows, surprises are everywhere. So stay tuned.

Will there be parking available at the event?

Yes, Paseo de Sta Rosa. Minimal fee applies.
Will there be showers and portalet?

Yes. Do not expect five-star facilities though. You’ll be able to hose down mud and sweat at the end of the course. We kindly ask all participants to use the shower facilities wisely in order to avoid unnecessary queues.


Spectators are surely allowed! The more the merrier!

The fun is definitely worth it!

They will also be able to choose their own activities from the host of event partners on the day!

Do you charge a spectator fee?

Am I allowed to walk the course along with the participants?

Hell yeah! We are among the few in the obstacle course industry that allow spectators to fully experience the event thrill. They are allowed to follow the participants at some of the course and take pictures. But please note that spectators must not get in the way of participants, attempt or complete obstacles.

Am I allowed to take pictures or make videos on site?

As many as you want! But if you represent a media, you need to request accreditation and
provide us a copy of the footage afterwards.

Can minors and kids come as spectators?

Sure they can! There will be plenty of activities for them too! If you want to enjoy the Legion Run vibe to its fullest though, we recommend you make sure there is someone else attending to their needs while you are at the course.

Can I bring my dog?

Only k-9 and guide dogs will be allowed at the event.
We’re sure your pets are awesome but we’d like to protect them too from any harm from the Event.


Please email philippines@legionrun.com with your full name, phone number, media organization and role not later than a week before the event date.


Legion Run reserves the right to modify or change its venues, dates, wave times, courses, fees, size of waves, and any other event details, to update website content or policies as needed, without prior notice. By accessing this website or signing up to a Legion Run event you agree to these terms. We update our website periodically so check your event page frequently as it may get updated with more current information than first seen upon registering.

We have some special activities for kids too. So watch out for more of the exciting things we will reveal in the next few weeks.



Me with one of the Legion Run organizers Thomas Lahav.
Phto Credit:  John Henri Mariano

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