The SOLEUS SIGNATURE SERIES Featuring Elite USA Track Stars



SOLEUS SIGNATURE SERIES – This special edition collection was designed in collaboration with the SOLEUS ELITES.
Soleus is a trusted brand when it comes to affordable yet quality gps and sports watches.  The brand believes that running and sports specific watches need not command a hefty price tag.  This has endeared the brand to numerous sports afficionados.  In the case of runners, Soleus gps and running watches have been partners for years in their quest for personal best, excellence and healthy lifestyle.
For its latest line of running watches, Soleus recruited no less than the stellar long and medium distance athletes of the USA track and field team to represent the latest designs – The SOLEUS SIGNATURE SERIES.  This is in keeping with the brand’s trust for excellence and global presence.
Kara is a long distance specialist having represented her country in the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics.  In the 2007 World Athletics Championship, she bagged the bronze medal in the 10K distance. She has moved up the marathon distance since then.
Among the crop of Olympics contender for the USA, Kara Goucher captured my attention the most. She is this brunette counterpart to Shalane Flanagan’s blonde bombshell of a runner running in identical bra top, bikini bottom and occasional arm sleeves. They usually train together and even pace together during competitions. Though it is usually Shalane who reaches the finish line first.
Then there are Amy Cragg and Desiree Linden, the top American marathoners to date. I am partial to Kara though, even when her recent quest to represent USA in the recent Olypics ended in a heartbreak after being sidelined for sometime due to injury. I simply adore her! Soleus is spot on in their choice to represent GPS One.
This special edition GPS One was designed in collaboration with Soleus Elite, NickKara Goucher. The Goucher designed One boasts a star designed mask and a signature backing.
Get one more kilometer in, set one more PR, take one more run with GPS ONE. One button push gets you started on your run. 8 Hours of GPS battery life and a low profile case design for comfort keep you focused on getting you the Kilometers. Track your distance, pace, speed, and recharge for your next run or marathon.
SRP 4950
Available at L Timestudio Boutiques, SM, Robison’s and Landmark Depertment Stores.


Kara’s signature at the back of each GPS One model.



NICK SYMMONDS and Soleus Contender
Nicholas “Nick” Symmonds lorded over the 800m and 1500m middle distances among US elites and represented the country in the 2008 and 2012 Beijing and London Olympics.  His latest accolade comes in the form of a silver medal he won during the 2013 World Championships in his favorite 800m distance.
The custom watch back features Symmond’s signature and, like it’s namesake, will have you breaking records in no time.  At Soleus, we know your training doesn’t end when you cross the finish line. There’s always another race to win, PR to set, or moment to make. That’s why we created the Contender – For those of us who are always in training.
SRP P3450
Available at L Timestudio Boutiques, SM, Robison’s and Landmark Depertment Stores.

Nick Symmond’s signature is emblazoned at the back of this model.



ALYSIA MONTANO and Soleus Chicked
Alysia is a middle distance specialist.  She is a bemedalled American athlete lording over her distance and being champion several times in the USA Outdoor track competitions in many years.
These accomplishments though are not the only things that make Alysia one of the more interesting American runners to date. In 2014, she competed in her event almost 8 months pregnant!  She finished dead last in her lap, of course, but only 35 secs off her personal best.  All she aimed during the race though was not to be lapped and that she did. More importantly, she showed the world the true strength of a woman.
More recently, during USA Track and Field Trials for the Rio Olympics slot, she tripped as she dashed to regain the lead she held for most of the 800m race. Despite this, she rose to her feet to finish the race dead last to the thunderous applause of the spectators. It is not always in the winning that you will win hearts and admiration after all.
Alysia is also more recognized as the runner with the big yellow flower in her hair. She puts on a big flower in her hair as her signature accessory during races and to assert her femininity. That without doubt puts my stamp of approval for such a fabulous attitude running!
This special edition Chicked was designed in collaboration with Soleus Elite, Alysia Montaño. Channel your inner Flying Flower with the custom watch back featuring Alysia’s signature and silhouette.
SRP P2950
Available at L Timestudio Boutiques, SM, Robison’s and Landmark Depertment Stores.


There is no denying the silhouette of the beflowered runner is that of Alysia Montano.

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